about us

The Architecture Company is a young architecture and interior design studio based in Mumbai. It was founded in 2017 by Rohit Walimbe, Manasvi Bachhav, and Kulsum Tambawala.


As a design studio we draw inspiration from local cultures, site ecologies, and urban contexts. We explore design at multiple scales; ranging from resorts, urban concepts, and institutional buildings to residential/office interior design and furniture. 

We collaborate with the best construction professionals that share our commitment to exemplary planning, design, and execution. Our clients are our partners in creation and we work closely with them to deliver innovative customised solutions for any budget or specialised needs.

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Kulsum has a wealth of experience from some of the best architectural practices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Auroville. Her design values embody natural building techniques and traditional crafts used within contemporary contexts. Her experiences in Bangalore and Mumbai gave her technical expertise and industry affiliations that enables us to implement our visions of holistic and sustainable development.

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Manasvi holds a Masters in Urban Design from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has a keen interest in urban conservation and landscape design. Her knowledge of urban and environmental issues allows her to bring creative and sustainable solutions to all our designs.

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Rohit holds a Masters in Architecture from the University at Buffalo. He has extensive experience in hospitality and residential interiors projects during his time spent in New York. He has a deep understanding of project management and is the chief executor for all our projects.